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Solaire North

Samantha was responsible for the design vision behind this major new resort and since then has been working closely with AEDAS to ensure alignment with the architectural plan as well as leading her own design team at Habitus in the realisation of the interiors.

Solaire North is destined to be a seminal development for Quezon City, combining breadth of vision with absolute attention to detail. Such an undertaking, largely through Covid lockdowns, has meant that most of the work has been handled remotely by teams in Asia and Europe, coordinated and led by Samantha via numerous virtual workshops, online design reviews and long-distance mentoring of the creative team.

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A 10-storey atrium sits at the heart of the main Solaire North building. Samantha commissioned US artist Nikolas Weinstein to translate her idea for a semi-transparent sculpture that would transition up through the space and take on different personalities through day and night, into a monumental glass artwork. The result will be sculpture of some 100,000 pieces, probably the tallest sculpture in the world, both airborne and anchored, and designed for human interaction.

Samantha and Nikolas share the same philosophy towards finding answers through design: “A lot of what we do puts the idea before the solution……..but what we already know how to do is rarely a limitation on how we try to do it,” says Nikolas.  “The best work occurs when we discover boundaries, and we respond with solutions that we never could have dreamed of at the outset.”

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Quezon City, Philippines
Property Overview
The first of its kind, five-star integrated resort in North Manila 250,000 m2 of GFA to include gaming, numerous restaurants, a sky bar and rooftop terrace with pool, high-end retail, convention areas; 800 guestrooms and suites Under construction. Completion scheduled for 2024
Project Scope
Client advisor to the chairman; creation of original design concept; collaboration with the architect AEDAS Singapore; all interior design by Habitus Design Group

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