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Samantha Drummond is buoyed by the continuous evolution of the hospitality sector and motivated by the potential of strategic and visionary design to push boundaries. After years of successful partnerships with global CEOs, owners, leading developers and luxury operators, she understands how to manage demanding relationships and believes in taking her clients with her through each phase of the project. Sam is committed to excellence in all that she and her project partners do.

Sam’s vision is to deliver destinations of choice, whether that is a large-scale resort or an individual restaurant, a VIP club or a private villa. In order to achieve this, she seeks to combine global best practice with local knowledge, building trust, positivity and effective communication between all the project teams.

She is also acutely aware of different regional attitudes towards luxury and its delivery, while integrating her international exposure to changing expectations into the design plan, thus helping to future-proof the hospitality development.

Vision Pots

Fresh thinking, innovation, authenticity, process and collaboration are the building blocks of successful hospitality developments.